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"Cornerstone Communications has guided our radio campaign with multiple stations for over 20 years, helping us attract thousands of new supporters to our ministry. We are grateful for our partnership with Dave Barton and Cornerstone Communications and the growth that they have helped us achieve so that we can fulfill our mission of serving the homeless and abused in our community."

— The Sheepfold Shelter

The Problem and Our Solution

Today, more than ever before, consumers are inundated with attempts to garner their attention. It’s now estimated that the average person is exposed to over 5,000 advertising messages each day. Five thousand each day! No wonder we’re all a little frazzled.

At Cornerstone Communications our mission is to serve the marketing needs of businesses, organizations, and ministries — helping them cut through the commercial clutter with messages that are highly targeted and relationally based. Founded in 1984 by Dave Barton, Cornerstone Communications partners with scores of clients, providing marketing strategy, designing radio and web-based campaigns, and delivering the response needed to sustain immediate returns and long-range growth.

In the movie Field of Dreams we were told “If you build it, they will come.” Sadly, this message simply isn’t true. However, if you build it, tell others where it is, explain why it’s unique, how it will make their life better, offer them an incentive to visit you sooner, rather than later, and follow up to be certain their experience was all they hoped it would be — chances are you’ll build relationships that will build your business. That’s what we help our clients do each day at Cornerstone Communications.

Dave Barton
Dave Barton

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